Exploration Volcano

Natural history programming is given a shot in the arm as extreme volcano hunter Chris Horsley climbs deep inside some of the world’s most active volcanoes to gather new scientific data from the very heart of their active lave filled cores. From Africa’s Great Rift Valley to Central America’s Volcanic Arc, Chris will take us closer than ever to the bowls of the world’s most volatile volcanoes located in some of the most inhospitable landscapes on earth. 800 million people live in the shadow of the planet’s 1,571 active volcanoes, so Chris isn’t putting himself in harm’s way for the pure thrill of it – by using innovative techniques, he wants to help predict future eruptions. He’ll be installing an “early warning system” for eruptions including gas monitoring systems and surveillance web cameras at their rims to alert scientists and local communities about the ever-changing behaviour of volcanoes.

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